Thursday, May 01, 2014

Lemon buttermilk rhubarb bundt cake

 It's rhubarb season! And my girls now like it! That's big news, at least for me. Proof that you shouldn't take tastes for granted where children are concerned. And they realized that when I made a failed rhubarb pie with my first bought rhubarb this year. It looked pretty but the fruit was swimming in a pool of juices. The girls couldn't get enough of the stewed rhubarb.

 So I persevered, and made not one but two cakes with my latest bunch of rhubarb. The first one was the rhubarb meringue pie from the Nordic Bakery Cookbook. It turned out more like a flat cake than a tart but don't let that put you off, it was very nice anyway. The recipe is here.

The real star, in my eyes, is this lemon buttermilk rhubarb bundt cake. Not just because of this dramatic showstopper of a cake tin - a pleasure and a joy in itself - but because it has such a silky soft texture, a delicate lemon scent, small pieces of rhubarb studding it and the delicious buttery lemon glaze. The butter lemon glaze is a revelation, the buttery flavour is very present but there is no greasy sensation.

The recipe comes from a book called Rustic Fruit Dessert that I read about on various blogs until I was so sure I'd love the recipes I had to buy it. I have made a couple of pandowdies this winter and both were a success. Just like this cake.

Simple, slightly rustic and very delicious.

Two past rhubarb recipes : Nordic rhubarb tart with oat streusel and the tarte rhubarbe amandes

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snowy said...

We love rhubarb, and your bundt cake looks stunning. It sounds delicious too, so one to try.