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When the Second Sunday of Advent also Nikolaustag is...

We have put up our Christmas tree. It is a jumble of tinsel, tiny wooden figures and felt trees, and now thanks to Nikolaus, Kinder chocolate Santas. Just the way we like it.

Nikolaus, Sinterklaas, Saint Nicolas, Kleesche,  the model for Santa Claus and a beloved figure in our area (Northeastern France, Germany, Benelux countries) is celebrated on December 6. The night before, children put their shoes out for him to fill with sweets, chocolates, little presents as well as something for him to drink and nibble on, and some snack for his donkey. I must say I don't relate so much to this tradition but I like to embrace it as it makes the children happy. In Luxemburg, Kleesche is often accompanied by his dark friend Houseka, whom we call Père Fouettard in French, who is supposed to come and spank/club naughty children. He certainly frightens smaller children but since his threats never come true, his educational value is low, ha ha.

Today is also the second Sunday of Advent so we have l…