Thursday, January 23, 2014

Super Natural Every Day, 3 recipes in one week, 2 of them using kale

I don't know what got over me, it's not as if I have any resolution for the new year. I do want to eat healthier food and less sugar but I can't seem to stop baking or craving something sweet. That will probably be the end of me, but oh, well, at least I don't smoke.

And yet here I am trying new recipes using healthy ingredients like kale, virgin coconut oil, spelt and miso. My aim is to try and eat lighter, veg-packed dinners. Maybe it does sound like a resolution after all.

Before I knew it I had made or adapted three recipes from Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Every Day, all this week. I love the photography in this book, and it makes me dream of living in California. I have to make do with cooking from it, and everything I have tried has been super tasty. Remember the tortelloni salad?

The other day I tried kale chips and they were a success, except for the batches that I let burn because I was multitasking. This kale salad is a variation on kale chips, except instead of olive oil and salt, the kale (and some coconut chips) is massaged with a soy sauce  and sesame oil mix. I added some French spelt but it was either undercooked and too old and was quite hard and almost unedible, my mistake. Still it provided something long-lasting to chew.

Kale salad

Next, I tried the green lentil soup. This soup is suggested with green split peas to get a nicer green colour, I might try that next time. My green lentils always turn brown and not photogenic, but they make up in taste what they lack in looks. This soup is pretty simple, but what lifts it to new heights is the curried brown butter swirl that is added as a garnish. Fantastic combination of tastes.

Green lentil soup

Finally, this warm salad of sweet potatoes and waxy potatoes and kale in a miso-red curry sauce and a sprinkling of toasted pumpkin seeds had a very interesting flavour combination. Originally it is called miso-curry pumpkin but I had no pumpkin, I didn't use the suggested tofu either. I usually find that sweet potato can act as a reliable double for it in terms of colour and even taste.

Warm salad with miso and red curry dressing.

Voilà, this week's attemps at using the contents of the fridge, my cookbooks and eating a lot of veg. My kind of non-resolutions.

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