Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Pastel rainbow cake

This cake has made me so proud! It has put a smile on my face every time I passed it by and people have commented so kindly on it that all the effort and backache that went into it were worth it. Not least of all it was declared by Maya, the birthday girl (7), her new favourite cake, because she loved the taste of it too. This cake is both incredibly pretty and delicious.

Rainbow cake slice
Now, for details. I made the white cake recipe called Parfect Party Cake by Dorie Greenspan in Baking : From My Home to Yours. Because I do not like to waste, I used the leftover egg yolks to make a half recipe of yellow cake from The Joy of Cooking for the yellow and orange layers.

Pastel rainbow cake, unadorned

White and yellow cake concepts are American. White cake using only egg whites and yellow cake, well, you've guessed by now.

I added a hint of vanilla to everything, the icing is similar to Billy's vanilla buttercream, which I have used successfully before on cupcakes.

Pastel raibow cake, in all its glory

I read online that people used gel or paste food colouring to get the best results. I bought a bottle of pink gel and used only liquid food colouring for the other layers. I held back a little of the liquid in the cake recipes and everything went fine. Note that this is a pastel cake, so that didn't need as much colouring as a vivid rainbow. I brought the McCormick colourings back from New York and they come with a guideline for achieving colour tones that I adapted to my recipes.

Rainbow cake, minimalistic
Then I added the flowers and marzipan leaves because we attempted to have a fairy and princess theme for the party. I admit I preferred it without flowers, it even looked good in a minimalistic, Momofuku-style way without icing on the sides but then I am not a seven year-old girl any more.


Maria said...

This looks absolutely AMAZING, Julie! You have every right in the world to be proud! I'm eager to make this now, did you use a different colour paste/gel to every layer, or was it possible to use the same in some layers, just adjusting the amount added, or mixing two different ones?

julie said...

Thank you, Maria :))

I used the pink gel and the other layers used just liquid colouring (red, green, blue, yellow), mixing drop by drop according to the packet instructions more or less adapting to my taste and to the amount of batter.

I hope it helps!

Julie said...

Waouw, just fabulous! ;-)

Norm said...

I can't get over how beautiful this is! I'm looking forward to Ted being old enough to appreciate a fabulous birthday cake - might have to do him one in brighter rainbow colours one day (in a few years!)

julie said...

Thanks, ladies!

Kate, I also make this type of cake for my own sake ;)

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snowy said...

Wow Julie, what a fab cake. You've done a great job; no wonder Maya loved it - gosh, 7 already, how time flies! x

julie said...

Thank you, Eira :)