Thursday, March 31, 2011

Norm's March Memories -a photographic challenge

Norm has challenged us to a list of 16 pictures to record some of March's moments. I thought it was a great idea, here's my list...

1. Celebration

Buergbrennen : a bonfire to celebrate the end of winter/the beginning of spring, a Luxemburg tradition

2. Stripy

3. Empty

4. A game

Look Mama, I've drawn you!

5. New

Love the colour, had to buy them (my third pair currently)

6. Work

Maya hard at work during a kids' cooking session

7.  Growing

Tiny blossoms on a nearby bush

8. Homemade

Homemade banana date pecan smoothie and homemade fudge bar

9. Favourite

My favourite people

10. Blue

Blue Cinderella Barbie, blue shoes, on blue carpet

13. Flight


12.  Pattern

Some afternoons look like that

14.  Yesterday


15.  Fabric
16.  Loud

I cheat, but I love this matrioschka fabric and her outfits often  scream "I'm five years old, I live for pink/cartoon characters/princesses!"


At Anna's kitchen table said...

Great entries Julie!
I love the concentration on Maya's face.

julie said...

Thanks, Anna! I'm going to look at yours :)

Norm said...

Fabulous Julie! I really enjoyed those. Maya and Alma are gorgeous.

Thanks for taking part!


julie said...

Thanks, Kate, and it was a great challenge!

Norm said...

Glad you enjoyed it - I did too! I logged on again because I forgot to say, I LOVE the new Converse boots, what a fabulous colour! (My Boden velvet coat is the same colour - one of my favourites).


julie said...

Oh, thank you! I love such shades of blue/teal. I have a Le Creuset in teal and it's so pretty. I bet you feel fabulous in your Boden coat :)

snowy said...

Lovely photos Julie. The girls have grown so much!