Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Sunday

Today, I woke up super early and made myself proper chai -real spices, milk, teabags, brown sugar. Then I enjoyed the quiet to do a little yoga while the sun was rising. Bliss.


 The recipe makes 6 regular muffins and 8 silicon moulded ones.

I then went on to make some apple and cinnamon muffins from Nigella's new book, Kitchen. I don't know what happened but they took me ages to prepare, then I let them get too brown.
I blame Nigella who told me to set the oven on 200°C. Obviously she doesn't know my oven, so it's not technically her fault. W likes over-baked stuff (his mum raised him well) so he actually said thank you Nigella. Ha ha. (We, of course, do not communicate directly with her, we're not that type of insane ;)

Nigella Kitchen's apple and cinnamon muffin

The muffins are delicious, but a bit too sweet -there's a half cup of honey plus 125g brown sugar in there. The honey gives a great taste, and they were easy to gobble up. More for an afternoon snack too.

I don't know about you, but the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue here. It's been a good week weather wise. Yesterday we took a little walk in the surrounding countryside and woods. Then I went on a fruitful shopping expedition and ended up stocking up on Asian spices : among them gojuchang (the red box), a Nigella recommendation.

Asian condiments
I got dashi in sachets, miso-dashi, curry roux tablets, gochujang and coconut milk. I love the eco bag they gave me to carry the stuff, so cute and it says "bon chance".

I immediately put the curry roux to use with a pork curry, Japanese stylee. It's from the book in the picture. I had no idea the Japanese were as fond of curry as, say, the Brits. Of course you could also make the curry without anything containing MSG. Here's a little video to show you how, that guy is so friendly too.

Japanese-style pork curry

Today, we hope to get our act together and go apple picking in a pick-your-own orchard. Luxembourg has lots of native plum and apple trees. Just around the corner of our street, there's a pubic green with plum, apple and walnut trees. People collect walnuts and some even come equipped to get the apples. I am both envious and too embarassed to do the same, but glad someone's doing it anyway since some people don't even bother to eat the fruit that grows in their backyard, remember the neighbour?

Sorry about the mini rant. So, I also plan to make some pear jam, and work on some curtains for the living room. Probably won't manage all this today but I live in hope.

Hope you have a nice Sunday!


LR said...

Omg, what a perfect day!!
Lovely, and you always make me laugh, thanks!

julie said...

Thanks Lisa :)

newlywed said...

I love apple picking! I think the muffins look good!

julie said...

Thank you, Newlywed!

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