Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kiwi baking

Hay fever allergies : check.

Hormone-laden days : check.

Sick baby : check.

It's been a pretty good fucked up week so far. Sorry about the language.

Let us not dwell on the negative, there are worse things in life than not getting enough sleep and feeling like a wired zombie with a blocked nose and itchy eyes.

But there are better, happier days too. Like the days when you are planning a cozy tea time with lots of dainty goodies to share and you look at your freshly planted spring flowers and rejoice about the new season because the trees haven't started releasing their pollens yet.
For those days, I have made good use of this book :

Ladies, a Plate by Alexa Johnston.*

I'm sorry this post has started with bad language because there's nothing bad to say about this book, it is a treasure of old-fashioned, in a good way, recipes from New Zealand housewives who published them in community cookbooks, books sold to raise funds for local projects. And the author has lovingly adapted, introduced and photographed each of them. There's a lot of good, tried and tested recipes, some social history and love in this book.

I have already baked quite a few of the recipes and present you today almond fingers and ginger crunch. Ginger crunch is very NZ and I thought I wouldn't like it because of so much ginger in it, but it is truly delicious, sweet and spicy, very crunchy and surprising. Nestling against the scones is Louise, which I have already mentioned a couple of posts ago.

The scones are from Orangette and they are also pretty good!

These are called gypsy creams, they're golden syrup biscuits united by some melted chocolate. They're nice and caramelly, but for me they miss the appeal of the other biscuits somehow and have been abandoned in the tin for too long now.

This book allows me to do some armchair travelling and daydreaming about New Zealand without leaving the kitchen. In a way, I am grateful because autumn is starting there and once I am over my hay fever time, I can relax and enjoy the summer here at home.


melissa said...

i love that you're baking kiwi delights on the other side of the world. it's quite amazing to me!

julie said...

And it's all thanks to you ;)

Ivy_cl31 said...

pourquoi un post uniquement en anglais? Arf je ne comprends pas tout du coup!

julie said...

Désolée, Ivy, mais des fois je suis trop flemmarde, me rattraperai la semaine prochaine, promis!

Ivy said...

Je comprends la flemmardise ;) Ca me fera réviser mon anglais !

Ivy said...

Re bonjour,
j'ai crée depuis kk jours un blog avec une amie et je vais y mettre une catégorie livres de cuisine. Je voudrais que le premier livre donc je vais parler soit le votre. Est ce que vous m y autorisez?

julie said...

Oui, bien sûr!
Merci beaucoup par avance et il faut me mettre le lien vers le blog, hein :)

blogarnaque (ivy) said...

Merci de m'autoriser ;) Le billet sera en ligne le 29 et si quelque chose cloche, je le modifierai bien sur.
adresse de notre blog (qui débute hein...)