Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nigel's lentil bolognese

Everybody loves Nigel. And so do I. I like the way he talks about food, writes about food, and not only food but his kitchen, his garden, where he shops. His recipes aren't always great for me because some of his favourite ingredients don't go down so well with children but still he manages to inspire me.

So of course I had to get his newest book, Eat. And I like it because I think it's quite modern in his approach to midweek cooking.

But I have a complaint, and it's not really Nigel-related. Quite a few of his recipes call for cooking chorizo. I can't find it where I live! How sad is that. No way I can make his chorizo burgers though they sound so delicious!

Nigel's lentil bolognese

Oh, well, lentil bolognese it is. Surprisingly delicious. Vegetarian. Comforting. Recipe is here.

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