Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas wishlist

"Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with the duplex and checks
Sign your 'x' on the line" (Santa Baby, Eartha Kitt)

Some good music -yes, I still buy CDs, I don't like iPods or other things that harm my already damaged ears. I adore Morrissey and wish I had been older when the Smiths were together -or rather, wish they had been around when I fell in love with their sound. I could have gone to their gigs! Well, of course I don't wish them to go back together now, and I don't think that could ever happen anyway, they're not Take That! Oh, hum, sorry for rambling on about that one.

Some kitchen tongs, mine are long dead so they need replacements as I use them every day...(Lurch)

Some good scales, mine use up batteries like there's no tomorrow, and to prolong their expensive lives I have to take them out when not using the scales. (Soehnle)

A milk jug for my cups of tea. (Cath Kidston)

A butter dish for, well, my butter, that otherwise goes yellow and smelly on the edges, eugh. (Cath Kidston)

A cookbook, I have to keep my reputation and the name of this blog alive. I love the Leon cookbook, so hope the follow-up is just as good. I know it's not the same author but still.

A cashmere cardi, probably a sign I'm getting old, please hold the pearls for another ten years. (Boden)

A pizza stone, I've wanted one for ages and hope Santa has been listening, for I've tried being a good girl all year long, I. have. tried. (any brand will do)

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