Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vintage, baby

Recently I was lucky to come across the following vintage sewing books, one is a 1975 Reader's Digest opus, the other is from Singer, I'm guessing late 60s early 70s. The orange one is pretty thorough, encompassing children's clothes, women's, dolls', furniture -make your own block sofa-, sewing from commercial patterns, etc. All in technicolour Seventies style. The second one has a bit less, mainly clothing, and the pics are B&W, every pattern has a name and a subtitle, all in cheery, enthusiastic tones, and look at those photos, I wish I were that happy! All the models are in movement and so damn grinning.

The downside is that you have to draw the patterns yourself, following a grid system. But such a wealth of things to make and wonder at for such a mall price. And I had a few good hearty laughs too.


The following would find its place in any modern Japanese pattern book:

And the ubiquitous wrap skirt -reversible!- of any beginners' book.
I really like the sight of this fold up picnic blanket, with special pockets for eating accessoires and handles:

Some British breakfast things:

A dress cum apron I could see myself wearing, though perhaps not with such biiig flares, the pattern is not included and they don't make them like that anymore:

A super frilly toothbrush glass holder, I wonder who dreamed up that one but can see the need for it.

Let's move on to the next book, I am nostalgic for those days I haven't known and who seem so carefree. I mean it. I know they're just models but the naive set ups leave me all dreamy...

You can even sew your his and hers tracksuits and go for a jog in the park en amoureux.

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Norm said...

That is WONDERFUL!!! You know my penchant for vintage cookbooks - well, this is right up there with the bst of them! Looking forward to seeing photos of you in your bell-bottoms, with the frilly toothbrush-mug-holder!