Thursday, October 29, 2009


The other day, I escaped over the border to France, to the nearest town -Thionville- in order to buy some fabric. The store is called Mondial Tissus. They have good value fabrics, and lots of choice. It's a bit messy and bazar-like, it's hard to get hold of a sales assistant, some of them are terribly moody, but hey, it's France, and it's cheaper than here.

First on my to-do list is a blanket with sleeves, aka snuggie, slanket, or snuglet. I usually need a blanket to snuggle on the sofa in the evening because I feel cold and my husband doesn't. I always have cold hands and feet and nose from mid-October to May. So when I heard about Slankets, I got pretty excited (yes, I'm sad like that ;)) but of course I wanted to make one myself and was lucky to find that thick fleece on offer. It's light blue with dark blue snowflakes embroidered. Classy ...

I also bought the fine brown cord and the ethnic-style print to make another dress from my Japanese book. I love cord, and I love chocolate brown. It's going to be nice, perfect for this weather, I intend to lengthen the sleeves.

 I don't know if I'll manage to make it before the end of the week. We're off on holidays then and I'm not taking my machine with me. But it doesn't matter because rural Bavaria isn't exactly the place to sport Japanese craft. Or is it?

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Sandy said...

I love your fabric choices and can't wait to see your version of the snugli!