Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Microwave chocolate dwarf loaf

Dear Reader,
I have let you down. Seriously, I haven't posted in over two months, where has the time gone?
Anyway, it hasn't been too exciting, or perhaps I haven't had much energy to cook and write. I have fed the other blog a little (it's easier in French I guess), but I have fed myself well (a little too well probably).

Anyway, I offer you this recipe for a microwave chocolate cake, just because it's dead easy and super quick to whip up, even if a three-year-old is helping. It's not mine, it's from the other Julie, the stick insect one, a pretty, popular, pretty popular thin TV cook. -do you hear the envy in my italics?-

It's done the rounds on French blogs, because we don't cook much with our microwaves, let alone bake with them, and this cake is surprisingly good, considering. It won't rise, and only fills half a standard loaf pan, but it's dense, intense and impossible to resist.

It's called "black cake", yes in English, but I'd call it pavé or fondant, because it's firm but tender.

Here goes :

150g dark chocolate
125g butter (I used 100g veggie margarine)
125g sugar
50g flour
3 tbsps Malibu (I used rum and grape juice)
3 eggs

Melt the chocolate and butter, then add the other ingredients one after the other, mixing well in between. Pour into a prepared pyrex or silicon loaf pan. Microwave on high (750 or 900) for 3 mins. Rest for 5 mins. Repeat for 3 mins then leave it in for 5 more mins. Take out and cool in the pan on a rack. Eat warm or cold.

I hope you make it and enjoy it and don't forget me until my next post,

yours yummily,
Julie xox


Sandy said...

Oh, this looks so interesting! And easy!
Don't worry, you are an unforgettable gal. :)

julie said...

Thanks, Sandy :)


Norm said...

Mmmmm! Looks amazing - I've never used my microwave for a cake before, but this is tempting me BIG time!

KJ said...

Oooh that looks good. I only use my microwave for reheating. It seems to have much more potential.

Anonymous said...

Hey, help! I am in Trier. I miss my homemade Houmous and Baba ganoush! Do you know a Middle eastern grocery that carries sesame tahini? ... or must we come by your house with an empty cup and borrow?! ;) Thanks in Advance. A seseme starved cook,

Anna said...

Julie, that looks soooo good!! :-)