Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sicily - part III.....the market in Cefalù

There were two alleys : one for food, the other for clothes and other stuff. I owe the pics to the Daddy, who was much less embarassed than I was at taking photos of strangers and their goods.
The fruit and veg cornucopia is due to the generous climate of Sicily as well as to there being many growers' patches near the town.
There is no myth, the lemons are sometimes as big and juicy as grapefruit, and sold, like the other citrus fruit, still greenish around the edges. That gives them a slight taste of limes, by the way. The aubergines (eggplants) can be humongous and a lighter shade of violet with white seams, or as found here, or again tiny and very dark. Basil is cheap as old chips and sold by in huge aromatic bunches.

There are, of course, olive and spices stalls, and like in the supermarket, the cheese stalls have long queues and you've got to fight to get the last of the ricotta. I appreciated being treated with the same respect as the local customers by the cheese guy, who let them wait (noisily) whileI was deciding on what cheese to take home.
Lots of sweets, and many pre-packed Ferrero slices that can't be found over here (eg Brioss...)

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LisaEx said...

Holy cannoli! That's a little piece of heaven right there! I'm going to go eat a sub-par olive and daydream over your pics.